Gatorade Complaints – Slimy Substance

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Gatorade Tropical Blend Yesterday I stopped by speedway to get a gatorade and they were out of my normal flavor “Riptide Rush”. But I spotted a new flavor I hadn’t seen or tried before called “Tropical Blend”. Green is my favorite color so I figured why not, and gave it a shot.

When I got out to my car in the sun I noticed something floating around in it. I wasn’t sure if it just hadn’t been mixed well or what. When I got home I searched on google for a few different terms trying to figure out if anyone else had experienced this before and if they knew exactly what it was. I found a few complaints that were similar to mine.. but nobody really had an answer about what it was. One person said they contacted gatorade and they told them it was just mold and nothing to worry about.. like it wasn’t a big deal. I’m sure working in a place where you have to take complaints you’re told to come off like nothing is a big deal anyways.. but I really don’t think this is mold. (link)

another completely delusional person thinks it’s HIV postive semen. (link)

and there’s a slew of complaints on a complaint forum here. (link)

I took a video where you can see the stuff swirling around in the bottle before opening it.. and took another video of the gatorade being poured into a strainer so you can see the actual goo. I’m going to send off the videos to gatorades complaint support and see if they’ll tell me what it is exactly.

what do you think this is?

UPDATE (6/28/2012):

Sorry for the late update.. I had contacted gatorade and they got back to me within 3 days.. with this email:

(^^^ click the above image to open a larger size.)

It was pretty generic and I waited about a week before actually contacting them by phone. After talking to Megan, she pretty much said the same that I had read on other forums around the web. She said, “it was just mold” and down played it. I’m pretty sure they’re taught to downplay everything like it’s not a big ordeal or they’d end up getting all kinds of threats and complaints. I’m still not convinced this is mold.. but, I had already discarded the nasty goo. Not much else I could do. She offered to send me a few 2$ off vouchers and I received 3 of them in the mail about 2 weeks after our phone conversation. The coupons over compensated for the original price of the gatorade. I’m sure if I complained and acted angry I could have received more. I just didn’t feel like arguing when I called in.

It struck me a little odd that I actually spoke with Megan (the person that responded to my email). Almost like it really was a big deal and she was the one who knew how to play this out in all circumstances. If I acted angry, threatened suing, or anything else. Normally when you call in to a company you’ll get connected with a random customer service rep.. but they forwarded me directly onto her phone. I actually had to leave a voicemail because she didn’t answer when I first called in, and she returned my call within 10 minutes.

If anyone else finds this page because you have also found some goo like substance in your gatorade.. please contact gatorade yourself and post in the comments below what you find out. If they tell you it’s the same thing or something completely different. Also how you acted on the phone.

here’s a direct link to contact gatorade by email or phone:

make money solving captchas

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Dropbox Review – free online storage

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Dropbox is a free online storage website where you can store all your files, and folders to be accessed by multiple computers. You are also able to access files on mobile devices. You can share folders with other dropbox users.. this is a perfect solution for family members that may not have very much networking experience. The files are synced automatically to all devices so you don’t have to worry about figuring out your network settings. My family personally uses dropbox and I also use it for work. You start off with 2GB of FREE storage with options to upgrade to 50GB, 100GB, or 1000 GB with their new teams plan

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vagex review – make money browsing youtube

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make money browsing youtube videos, you don’t even have to be at your computer really. they have a firefox plugin that runs the viewer.. or you can download their standalone program that auto loads the videos to view and auto likes, subscribes, favorites the videos if you want to gain some extra credits.

I let this run on 2 computers all day as it doesn’t use much resources at all.. so why not if i can make a little bit of extra cash?

if you market on youtube instead of cashing in your credits you can also use your credits to go towards views, favorites, likes, and subscribes for your videos and youtube channel. either way it’s a pretty sweet system to gain popularity on youtube or make a little bit of extra money.

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Google Voice Transcribe

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Google Voice Transcribe is a pretty cool feature for Google Voice that acts as a voicemail transcription service. When people leave you a voice mail it transcripts it to text and has the capabilities to email or text you the transcription. unfortunately.. it’s far from perfect. For me at least.. it seems to only work halfway decent for female voice messages. Then again.. I do live in Kentucky. I guess until Google decides to hire a hillbilly for their text2speech technology this is a pretty useless capability for me.

here’s a few highlights of the voicemails I’ve received:

5/24/11 5:37 PM 2 hours ago
Hi Robin, with parrot alright measure my mother. Hello. Bye.

5/23/11 1:53 PM 30 hours ago

Hey Joshua, college just wanna make sure that you’re such a critical hired hall. I just don’t you try to call, so there’s a problem.

5/22/11 2:41 PM 2 days ago

And I guess. Okay, that there’s Russian check with you see if you’re here. Good Afternoon, Your case you wanna share this with area. What to do a dinner too. General So I just get back, get back with me 473 or Well, we will

here’s a site/tumblr dedicated to funny gvoice transcripts:

here’s what it’s suppose to do according to google:

google voice transcribe

Samsung Intercept – Android 2.2

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I switched to virgin mobile about 6 months ago from straight talk since they had a much better phone selection and plans. Straight Talk does have unlimited “data” as well.. but I put quotes around “data” because even though it’s unlimited they restrict anything and everything. You can only browse a select amount of sites that they allow you too.. and half the times the ones that weren’t blacklisted by them didn’t even load either. (IE: Facebook). I could complain about Straight talk for a couple 20 paragraphs but back to the point of my post.

I ended up getting the Samsung Intercept and the phone itself was pretty buggy on 2.1 eclair.. but they promised there would be an update to 2.2 froyo at some point in the future. I believe Sprint released 2.2 for the intercept in November but don’t hold me on that.. it was in 2010 though. VM finally started pushing out the update in April and it made this phone finally worth while. Before it was pretty much unusable aside from the usual phone functions such as making calls, and responding to texts. The screen was VERY non-responsive to touches, and you’d have to hit the button over and over before it actually decided to do what you wanted. but the update has fixed that problem and a ton of others. I actually enjoy this phone now and have been going a little crazy downloading random apps. I would definitely recommend this as a starter android phone if you haven’t dealt with androids or iphones before. Also you can’t beat getting actual unlimited data for 25$/month through Virgin Mobile.

I’m not the best at themes.. but I did pretty up my android desktop some.. with a custom lockscreen and a few widgets.

android lock screen


android home screen

Samsung Intercept

disable facebook photos theater gallery

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I dunno about everyone else but I can’t stand the new facebook photo viewer where it uses AJAX to show you the photo in a “new window”. you aren’t able to copy the direct photo link to share with friends if the persons profile you’re linking them has their photos set to friends only.

I found this google chrome extension that disables facebooks new &theatre gallery. click to install.

the plugin basically just refreshes the page as soon as you load a photo that removes the &theatre link. that’s also an alternative that will work in any browser.. when you click on a facebook photo just remove &theatre at the end of the link and press enter.. and it will reload the photo using the old gallery so you can then get a direct link to the photo.

firefox alternatives and a few more click here

OiNKPlus for Chrome

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I recently switched from Firefox to Google Chrome with their browser sync option, and a few other things that motivated me to switch. I wouldn’t have been able to switch without having OiNKPlus though.

works with and waffles.

click to install

EDIT: I didn’t create this plugin, I was just sharing my find.. for discussion and updates on the plugin try these 2 links. thread & blogspot